Meinungen: Wieso hat sich Merkel nicht entschuldigt? von Alaa al-Aswany

Alaa El Aswany (Die Presse): Wenn ich sehe, wie gleichgültig die deutsche Kanzlerin mit dem Leben von Arabern und Muslimen umgeht, muss ich unweigerlich an unsere nubischen Vorfahren denken, die in den Käfigen von Berlins Zoo gefangen waren, während Deutsche sie vergnügt betrachtet haben. Weiterlesen Alaa El Aswany (Die Presse).

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Via Facebook: Alaa El Aswany Wrote : CARL HAGENBECK was born in 1810 in the German city of Hamburg, he loved animals since childhood so his father acquired for him a large collection of them, and when CARL grew old he decided to work as an animals show organizer, so he travelled with his rare collection of animals to all zoos in the West and he gained a lot of money. But after years of organizing animal shows he thought of renewing his work.. So he sent his followers to Africa, where they hunt a group of Africans and put them in cages next to the animals..
Here we discover an unknown page in the history of relations between Egypt and Germany: In 1876 CARL HAGENBECK sent his followers to south Egypt where they hunt a group of Egyptian Nubians.. HAGENBECK took them and put them in cages like animals and travelled with them around various European cities.. The Nubian shows achieved great success and CARL HAGENBECK established a new type of shows called The Human Zoo.

Those ugly horrendous shows continued in Europe, with a great success, over the full sixty years, since 1870 until 1930 when it began to recede.. The success of those shows was for three reasons: First, the Western human need to confirm their sense of superiority by seeing other people are in cages like animals.. Secondly, the movement of Western colonialism was at a peak, therefore the colonizers were most in need of moral justification for the virtue of the acts of murder, robbery, rape and other heinous crimes against colonies peoples, showing colonies peoples in animal cages confirms that they are not fully human beings, thereby eliminating their right to justice and human treatment.. The third reason is that European scientists were then too enchanted with the theory of the English naturalist CHARLES DARWIN “On the Origin of Species” and they – believe it or not – were studying the colonies peoples while they were in the cages in search of scientific evidence to confirm they are the missing link between humans and great apes, which DARWIN talked about..

I read about this heinous racism practiced by millions of Westerners for many years without any sense of embarrassment or guilt, soon I wonder: How does a human accept, no matter what the reasons and motives, to catch a human like them and put them in a showing cage like monkeys?.. The question remain unanswered.. Until months ago when I attended Berlin Literary Festival and I knew a young black African born in Germany called GRADA KILOMBA.. associate professor of Psychology at the University of Berlin.

I asked her:
– Do you face problems for being a black in Germany..?

GRADA laughed and said:
– You have sent the question to the right person.

Then she donated me a copy of her wonderful book «planting memories.. Diary of racism ».. Which tells about her experience with racial Germans, and how she suffered from them in all stages of her life, even when she wanted to register for Ph.D. requested by the University of tens of papers and documents which are not provided for in Regulation, and which are never requested from the white German student.. But my friend GRADA was stubborn and hard and sharp intellect, she brought all the documents and succeeded in all tests and finally she was met by a German professor who asked her sarcastically:
– Are you sure you want to get a Ph.D. here..?.. Why do not you get it there (in Africa)..?

GRADA KILUMBA has conducted research in her book, included a number of African women living in Germany.. And the result was amazing, has been found that they all have been subjected to racial discrimination and continuous insults, one of the women tells that when she was at the age of 12 years, she felt pain in her stomach so she went to a German doctor clinic in a white neighborhood, where she lives in, she paid the value of the examination and waited her role, after the examination the doctor wrote her medicine and when she was going to leave he retained her then he offered her to work as a maid in his house. The girl says she was sick and she paid the full value of the examination like others, but just because she is black, the doctor expected her to be a maid.

That the most important thing Dr. GRADA KILUMBA explained in her book.. The difference between the practice of racism and racial consciousness.. Practice of racism is an unfair or violent act or conduct adopt the perception of racism, but the racial consciousness remains latent even with the best people who do good.. The racial consciousness begins always with one sentence: «..they are different of us.. ».. Assuming that the other peoples, of the non-white Westerns, have a different culture and different way of thinking and different feelings.. Which implies that they do not deserve the same rights as the Western White.. So according to the theory of KILUMBA, those who bought tickets to enjoy watching the African people in the cages are not evil, but they are ordinary Westerns having racial consciousness which makes them receptive to the idea that the other peoples are different and therefore lower than them.. And the German doctor who asked the patient to work as a maid may be a gentle and tender person, but his racial consciousness made him nominate his patient to a maid profession because she is black, quite different from his white daughter.

I emphasize here that I do not accuse all Germans of racism.. The German people made remarkable and eternal achievements for mankind. And I know many Germans who are characterized by tolerance and full respect for all people.. True that the racist crimes are increasing in an alarming way in Germany to the extent that in 2006 only, registered the number of 12000 racist violation in various German cities, but it is equally true that there is also a strong movement against racism in all Germany..

I, like all Egyptians, alarmed and angered by the disposal of the German government about the horrible massacre which claimed MARWA ELSHERBINI and the fetus, which she was carrying in her womb.. The offender who killed MARWA ELSHERBINI is just a German terrorist, of course governments are not politically responsible for the crimes of their citizens.. But the massacre took place within a German court so it is our right to ask: How did the offender entered the courtroom with a knife in his clothes? Doesn’t his entrance armed in the courtroom reflects a shameful security failure? The killer has torn the body of MARWA with the number of 18 stabs over full 8 minutes, and no one intervened to save her?.. Isn’t the failure of German security here a crime?.. The crime of negligence resulting in the killing of an innocent person and her unborn child in front of her small son and her husband.. After tearing up the body of MARWA with the stabs, finally a German officer appeared by shooting her husband instead of the killer.. Doesn’t the legal and political duty imposes the trial of this officer?.. He committed two appalling crimes: Failure to perform his duty in rescuing MARWA which led to her death, and the attempted murder of her husband simply because he bears the features of Arab.

All of this makes the German government, according to the law and custom and logic, assumes direct responsibility for the massacre.. But the German government has remained silent for a full week then its spokesman said general words away from any specific action to hold accountable to the security officials of the court who all took part with their failure, neglecting their duty and their racist, in the completion of the massacre.. The newspapers reported that the German Chancellor, ANGELA MERKEL, will announce a formal apology to the family of MARWA ELSHERBINI and all Egyptians for the neglect of the government headed by her, which led to the massacre.. But Mrs. MERKEL refused to do so..?… Why did not Mrs. MERKEL apology on behalf of the German government..? Why did not she prosecute those who are responsible for security in the court..?.. Isn’t MARWA ELSHERBINI a human, even if she is Egyptian and veiled Muslim..? Doesn’t MARWA has family and friends who love her as Mrs. MERKEL also loves her family and friends..?.. Does Mrs. MERKEL’s ignoring to her responsibility in this way agreed with being an elected leader in a democratic country..?

When I see the indifference, which Mrs. MERKEL deals with, with the life of Arabs and Muslims, I can not prevent myself from remembering our Egyptian Nubian ancestors who were locked inside cages in Berlin Zoo while Germans being entertained by watching them.. and it reminds me immediately of the eloquent idea which has been expressed by my friend GRADA KILOMBA..

«Racism always begins with one sentence: they are different of us..»


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